AAH Pharmacy vs. Web Pharmacy: SAVE MONEY on Pet Medications at the Ashland Animal Hospital:

Heartworm medications, flea and tick products purchased at AAH are generally less expensive on a per dose cost because we offer free doses or additional free products with each purchase:
» AAH gives you 2 free doses of Frontline when you purchase a 6 month supply.
» AAH gives you 2 free Preventic collars when you purchase Revolution.
We also have many product rebates.

Total Care for Dogs and Cats

Ashland Animal Care Center is designed to meet all your pets’ needs under one roof with a veterinary clinic, grooming, boarding and pet store. Our hospital is a Full Service Veterinary Practice providing comprehensive medical and surgical services.

State of the Art Equipment and Medical
Treatments for your Pet

We are an AAHA certified hospital. We offer advanced diagnostic capabilities and progressive medical techniques.

Compassionate Care

We treat your pets as cherished members of your family. We experience the circle of life every day; welcoming new kittens and puppies, then managing their well being, illnesses and emergencies into their senior years.

Ashland Animal Hospital
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Experienced & Qualified Doctors

All 6 of our veterinarians are licensed and committed to excellence in their field.

Ashland Animal Hospital Owners:

Dr. David Schwarz: Past President & current Executive Committee member of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Robert Davis: Past Chairman and Member of the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Geoffrey Kardon: Coordinator of Community Outreach Tours
American Animal Hospital Association Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association American Veterinary Medical Association Reader's Choice Awards Winner - click for larger image GOLD Reader's Choice Awards Winner - click for larger image